In every server except Broa, Hidden-Street has a guild. The Scania Hidden-Street guild, although on Hidden-Street's homepage, is NOT affiliated with the Hidden-Street website.


The Scania Hidden-Street guild is a guild formerly lead by ElderDragon, then pyrofyr, and is now lead by WonDark.

Most people do not even know this guild exists, if the leaders still play, or anything except for the fact that there was one at one time.


Bera is the most active Hidden-Street guild, led by moderator RaisinBran. The guild is most notable for being hated by Tharticus, a former member of the guild. It is also known for housing most of Hidden-Street's active members, such as Poisonous, CDFA, penguinzrock, and many more.


There is no Hidden-Street guild that is known in HS Broa. The closest thing members consider HS Broa are the two guilds "Faithful" and "ClanSpagoose."


This is another active Hidden-Street guild. It was lead by thathurt but is now lead by Warezlock. Even though it does not have the drama HS Bera has, it still is quite popular and has a nice memberbase. Several members such as Johnnywup and Morningl1ght reside within. It is one of the more active Hidden-Street guilds.


This guild is lead by ClericLordLeo. It is not very active, but it is not dead


This guild is lead by Nekorion. It is the most popular HS guild without its own Chat Thread.


This guild, run by HiddenDKPwr, is not very active, but is not dead.


Yellonde is known to be a very quiet server. There aren't too many people, but there is an ACTIVE Hidden-Street guild in Yellonde, created by RookTM,


The only Hidden-Street guild considered "dead." It was made by UgetsuKageushi, who has since announced that she has moved on from Maplestory. There have been plans to hand over leadership to CDFA, but they were never executed.