Welcome to the Official Wikia site for the Hidden-Street forum.

Hidden-Street is the largest MapleStory database on the internet. This Wikia is primarily targeted towards the forum of Hidden-Street, rather than MapleStory.

Temporary Notes:

  • Please keep your drama away from specific pages UNLESS it hugely affects the topic. If you want to release it, then please make a blog.
  • This is a relatively new Wikia. It is still growing and expanding. Several pages may be vandalized or is missing information. Please ignore these until one of us fixes it. Please wait in the meanwhile. If you are not patient enough, then please make an account and fix it, but ONLY if you know the information.

A note to ZappyPantz, persistence in changing the Wikia logo will result in an ban. Rule is in effect as of September 1, 2009.